Our Objectives

Bella Buds Online solution offers prompt and professional 100% Hemp derived CBD by tested and approved manufactures. Access for those suffering with medical conditions within select and approved CBD states in the USA. 


Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil


Introducing the world’s premier organically grown, full spectrum line of CBD products. Using the most advanced nano technology, we ensure an industry-leading absorption rate and bio-availability.

Bella Buds helps by providing patients that meet our and state approved standards, with the proper information required to obtain a membership with us, so they can purchase and become properly educated about the high-quality products that we provide for therapeutic use.

Bella Buds has added a array of organic products know as CBD Products ( 100% Hemp based , non -GMO plant based oils tinctures, edibles, pills, CBD infused creams and lotions that are now available in all 50 states ( Continental US), All US territories,Canada, Central & South America and Caribbean Islands.

Our Bella Buds team is local, experienced, knowledgeable and committed to excellence of improving our members experience with us.  We offer through our growing physician and provider network,  superior professional advisory with qualified physicians that can advise the patient with a discreet product delivery system that notifies the provider of patient usage and archives the usage of the patient automatically for review by the physician at any time and remains compliant at all times.

Bella Buds is committed to supplying the best quality products available from “farm to table”, or in Medical marijuana business terms, the term “seed to sale”  depicts a complete circle of product monitoring for highest health standards to the general public possible within the Medical Marijuana Industry. Bella Buds has created a competitive advantage through the following: superior customer service experience, high quality products, due diligent operations, as well as strategic partnerships in its launch nationally.

Our Commitment

Bella Buds Online “a holistically centered company” founded by emerging entrepreneurs, creating awareness of alternatives for patients to attain the right solution that helps them with care of any particular disorder that the patient may have been diagnosed by their physician.

Bella Buds Online is now building a local and national presence with international relationships in cultivation of all types of Cannabis based products, striving to be the ( “best medical collective” private dispensary globally offering a unique mix of wellness products for patients.


  • Bella Buds Online is built upon the highest standards for  Bella Buds online e-commerce sites to build a positive reputation in this industry and to establish ourselves within the city and community that we are operating in for the greater good.

§  Bella Buds Online will develop a positive web presence of a “Holistic message” through various media sources, such as internet, Television, Interviews Podcasts, Blogs, Medical Updates for Patients weekly on its own tube broadcast- cannabis station promoting good health and guest doctors monthly.

§  Bella Buds Online has formed an Independent Medical advisory team that are backed by Conventional Medical Physicians, Alternative & Homeopathic Physician / Naturopath Physicians, Licensed Clinicians, Degreed professionals in Biophysics & Chemistry, Sports Medicine, and Nutrition to serve our medical clients and referrals.

§  Consulting Services in Maryland/ DC and all select states that allow CBD products for patients including our qualified team that serves Government Relations  and Agencies.  The demand is high for serving many patients disorders through healthcare professionals for mutual beneficial relationships for their best care.

§  Consulting Services to healthcare professionals and Healthcare Networks International serving both Medical & Recreational Markets. We have observed a great demand  for CBD to grow international markets that can replace Opioid dependent patients. We offer compassion in all we do and helping patients with alternatives.

  •       The Products are guaranteed to be 99.9% CBD Isolate  with the other .5% being made up of cannabinoids terpenes and less than .3% THC. The product lines includes custom made and tested Edibles, Nutraceuticals ( in capsule form), Liquid Tinctures ( for oral use and application with Vitamin Rich B12 & D3 – CBD Patch( for external body usage and application.