Wholesale Medical Cannabis Q&A Only

What is Medical Cannabis?
Answer: Cannabinoids found in cannabis plants have been approved to treat for a variety of chronic medical conditions. Medical cannabis is grown and processed in highly regulated and sterile environments, and then tested in independent labs to ensure that only the highest quality, medicinal grade product is available and sold to patients. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, a Board within the Maryland Department of Health, overseas and regulates medical cannabis in the state.

Is Medical Cannabis right for you?
Answer: Medical Cannabis has been approved to terat the following symptoms and conditions, either in combination with other medications or on its own. If you suffer from any of the listed chronic or debilitating medcial conditions or symptoms, medical cannabis may be right for you.
1. Severe loss of appetite
2. Wasting Syndrome
3. Severe or Chronic Pain
4. Severe Nausea
5. Cachexia
7.Seizures or severe persistant muscle spasms
8. Glaucoma
9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder( PTSD)

How is Medical Cannabis Administered?
Answer: Medical Cannabis will be available in forms that can be vaporized or smoked, or as extracts, lotions, ointments, tinctures, etc. While some extracts can be added to foods at home, edible cannabis products will not be available from dispensaries in Maryland at the current time.

Becoming a qualified patient to receive medical cannabis?
Answer: Once patients have an initial consultation with Bella Buds and a physician has been assigned to consult the patient as a pre- approved patient of Medical Cannabis in Maryland; Patients will be guide by Bella Buds online to register on the Maryland Medical Commission website

Both minors and adults are eligible to register, but please note that minors must also have at least one adult parent/ or legal guardian register as the caregiver.Anyone may have up to two registered caregivers who can purchase medical cannabis on theeir behalf.

After Registration is completed, potential patients must recieve written certification from a medical provider registered with the Commission ad then particpate in a consultation with a licensed dispensary to detrmine the specific product and dosage.

Finding a Provider?

Answer: Medical Providers must be licensed with the Maryland Medical Commission in order to recommend medical cannabis to patients, and there must be a bona -fide physician- patient relationship to issue the written certification.

After one registers as a patient, visit your regular doctor to ask about medical cannabis. If your primary has not registered with the Commission, the Maryland State Medical Society has published a list of participating providers online: http://www.medchi,org/medcan, or according to Public Information Act, you may email mdh.providers@maryland.gov to request a list of providers registered by the Commission.

Purchasing Medical Cannabis?

Answer: Patients will be able to purchase medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries, which will be located across the State. All Licensed and their addresses are published in the Commission website. Please note: The Commission is still in the process of licensing growers, processors and dispensaries, and it will take some time before the industry is operating at full capacity and able to supply each and every patient.

Health Insurance and Financial Support?

Answer: No health insurers currently cover medical cannabis, though private health insurance may choose to do so in Maryland. Dispensaries may make their own decisions on providing financial relief, so be sure to ask them about costs and assistance in your initial consultation.




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