Pharmaceutical CBD
(Broad Spectrum( 0.00% THC, CBD-Hemp derived- 100% Vegan)

Now available to ship in all 50 states, US territories and select International locations
including our premier wellness nutraceuticals, weight loss, energy and wellness enhancement & specialty beverages:

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All CBD and wellness products do not need a medical recommendation


Bella Buds Online “a holistically centered company” founded by emerging entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry with Healthcare, Finance & Cyber-Security, Corporate Management & Development industries backgrounds. This committed team has identified a major disruption in the market in which thousands of cottage industry companies are coming onto the business scene in the US Cannabis industry and creating awareness of alternatives for patients to attain the right solution that helps them with care of any particular disorder that the patient may have been diagnosed by their physician.


All our manufacturers Bella B represents for its Broad Spectrum CBD are guaranteed to be 100% Guaranteed quality assured by our FDA approved and certified Biopharma facilities. 

Our Broad Spectrum CBD products and commodities are the highest quality CBD from Hemp enhanced with cannabinoids terpenes and less than 0.00% THC, making it legal to purchase in all 50 states.

The product lines includes custom made and tested Edibles, Nutraceuticals ( in capsule form), Liquid Tinctures( for oral use and application, Vitamin Rich B12 & D3 – CBD Patch ( for external body usage and application.  

Our Bella B comfort beverages, from premium tasting wellness coffee and Rooibos Red Tea to silky enriched hot chocolate enhanced with Excellium, each chockfull of 150+ antioxidants, 200+ phyto-nutrients and the power of Ganoderma Lucidum.

The many benefits are increased energy, weight loss and weight control, body wellness, increased libido for sustainable health  & vitality to sustained longevity. These wellness supplements have shown success in over 60 international countries from an Industry leader in wellness and nutraceutical market.

Compassionate Care is our Focus
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Medical Grade CBD Solutions For Your Patients

Bella Buds is proud to be partners with the largest vertically integrated full spectrum CBD manufacturer in the US.

We are leader of medical-grade CBD products offering hemp derived CBD solutions for the Body, Mind & Spirit!

Our Mission to Serve the best

Bella Buds solution offers prompt and professional Hemp Based Solution with NO THC,  100% Hemp derived CBD by tested and approved manufactures.

Access for those suffering with medical conditions within select and approved CBD states in the USA. 

Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil


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Introducing the world’s premier organically grown, full spectrum line of CBD products. Using the most advanced nano- technology, we ensure an industry-leading absorption rate and bio-availability.

Bella Buds  has added a array of organic products made from CBD ( 100% Hemp based, non -GMO plant based oils tinctures, edibles, pills, CBD infused creams and lotions that are now available in all 50 states ( Continental US). Select International markets shall be served on a case by case basis.

In addition our Wellness Products include beverages for  hot & cold application and use and offer wellness and use as a warmed comfort beverage, high in Antioxidants( over 150), Minerals & Vitamins and CBD blends that increase the body functions to optimum capability and just make you feel great!

Our clients use for helping the body remain more Alkaline, and help the body with increased Homeostatis and balanced blood cholesterol levels.

Our products allow customers to enjoy coffee again with very low Caffeine ( from 7-9 mg of caffeine per serving). Our black coffee( in vac pack 1 portion per cup)  has been reviewed as the top coffee for Diabetics over the years with a high success in taste, consistent quality and effectiveness as a wellness beverage

Our Supplements form our Partner manufacture now distributing in 60 international countries successfully – 100% debt free offer many minerals and vitamins that are used as a supplement to the body from increased mental awareness( with Excellium Capsules) to Increased Body Wellness with our (Ganoderma Lucidum Capsules) to increase Libido from our (Sakanno Capsules ) to Increased Energy and Agility with our (Tongkit Ali Comfort Beverage)

Offering competitive pricing and superior customer service & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed