Premium CBD Full Spectrum- disposable Vape Pen ( 110 Mg) 100% THC Free


CBD Vape Pen( hemp derived)

Enjoying the benefits of  CBD is as simple as breathing in. Our discreet pre-filled disposable vape pen delivers fast acting and one of the first highly bioavailable full spectrum atomized CBD oil  THC free Vapes with a hint of citrus with every breath.


  • Phyto-cannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, Organic MCT Coconut Oil and Terpenes from Fruits and Plants.
  • Grow in US and processed in Colorado
  • Certified THC- free
  • Smaller than index finger
  • Leaves no odor on  breath or in air after exhaling
  • No Aftertaste
  • fully disposable
  • Mild citrus flavor
  • Less than $1 per serving
  • Highly contracted, all natural formula with only MCT oil our phytocannibinoid- rich hemp extract and fruit & vegetable terpenes
  • #1 method of delivery for CBD  with highest bioavailability


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